The Ford Mustang Mach-E’s Charging Speed Won’t Keep You Waiting Around As Long As We Originally Thought

The Mach-E charges 61 miles in 10 minutes, according to their latest estimates

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The Mustang Mach-E is a thrilling, electric performance car offering an estimated 459 horsepower and a whopping 612 ft-lbs of torque in the GT spec. While that’s well and good, Ford still needed to answer the one question that’s been on everyone’s mind.

Can the Mustang Mach-E add 61 miles of range faster than you can get a slice of pizza? It wasn’t really a possibility before, but now Ford says its charging speed has improved by 30 percent over original estimates.

Using Electrify America’s DC fast charging, a RWD, extended-range Mach-E adds approximately 61 miles of charge in 10 minutes. This figure is 14 miles more than some earlier estimates, good news for Mach-E buyers. 

Other specs of the car have the following charge times. Using DC fast charging, AWD extended-range will accomplish 52 miles in 10 minutes, and both AWD and RWD will manage 10 to 80 percent in approximately 45 minutes. 

Standard-range models will do 46 miles in 10 minutes (RWD), and 42 miles (AWD). Charge from 10 to 80 percent is approximately 38 minutes for all standard-range Mach-E Mustangs.

The FordPass charging network expanded to now include 13,500 charging stations, 1,000 of which were added just recently. Quality and Quantity of charging stations are continuously ramping up, making electric driving more convenient than ever before. 

Ford claims the FordPass Charging Network is “North America’s largest electric vehicle public charging network,” as it grants access to a wide range of stations in every state. However, for those who wish to charge at home, the Mach-E comes standard with a charger that averages 21 miles-per-hour on a 240-volt outlet, much improved from the 3 mile-per-hour figure with a 120-volt outlet. 

An available 30 mile-per-hour, “48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station” will charge the Mach-E fully in 10.1 hours.

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Extended-range models go up to an estimated 300 miles on a charge, and 230 miles on standard range models with their AWD versions managing 270 and 210 respectively.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is expected to go on sale in late 2020 as a 2021 model with prices starting around $43,895.