Owner Review(s) Update: You Guys Prove Just How Stout The Honda CR-V Is By Driving Over 2 Million Miles

A lot of you told us stories of your high-mileage CR-Vs

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CR-Vs new and old are racking up the miles out there on the open road.

Earlier this week, we covered the story of Stephen’s 2014 Honda CR-V. In just six short years, he managed to rack up north of 300,000 miles on his, proving the car to be a stout companion to get you through the years. Since then, so many more of you have reached out to us with stories of your high-mileage CR-Vs. You know, with some cars you may see a 300,000+ mile example once in a blue moon. A courier who drove his Fiesta 750,000 miles, a parts delivery driver who drove her Elantra over a million, and so on.

As you’d probably expect, though, the Honda CR-V making it to 300,000 miles is actually a fairly common feat. Not only do you guys seem to love your Hondas enough to hang onto them, but they take the strain with dignity and make those six-figure mileages without much more than standard maintenance.

Yes, the CR-V is a Honda, and the brand has a strong reputation for reliability. Even still, when so many cars make it over a combined 2 million miles (that’s just the half dozen or so of you who e-mailed us), that says a great deal for how serviceable the car is over the years. You all with CR-Vs are in it for the long haul, and the CR-V has your back, if these stories are anything to go by.


Your CR-V stories

Here are all the accounts from TFLcar readers who wrote in to let us know their CR-V stories. Thanks, guys! If you have your own high-mileage car story, be sure to tell us about it and send photos (or even a short video, if you want!) to info@tflcar.com.

An important note: While most of you had trouble-free experiences with your older CR-Vs, that may not be the case with some newer ones. Case in point on that front is Gary, who told us his story a couple days ago:

Gary L. — 2004 with 392,000 miles:

“Standard transmission. Replaced alternator twice, clutch 2 years ago, ignition switch, tires and breaks. Plan on keeping it beyond 400,000 miles. Have a 2020 CR-V also after trading in a 2017 with 55,000. Too many problems surfaced after the 36,000 mile warranty ended. Bought extended service with 2020 to 120,000 miles or 6 years.”

Anonymous via text — 2002 (‘Gertrude’) with 167,000 miles:

“I have a 2002 Honda CRV with 167,000 miles so far. I have driven one major high mileage trip (14,000) & the rest on average 10,000 per year. (I bought in 2004 with 42,000 on it). ‘Gertrude’ is and has continued to served me well. Routine oil changes, New tires (4 sets total) & one major job of a new catalytic converter in 2005. I love my 2002 Honda CRV and proud to own her!

Eric H. — 2007 with 280,000 miles:

“I just wanted to say that the CRV is an excellent vehicle that I’ve driven for 10 years. Other than normal maintenance it is one solid vehicle. If I wasn’t in the market for a ’14 Ridgeline I would still be driving it. Ten years of New England driving….what a champ.  280k on a thirteen year old vehicle never looked so good!”

Ed: 1997 with 330,000 miles and 2007 with 200,000 miles

“I have a 330000 mile CR-V that I bought when my 19 year-old daughter was born. She has it across state at college. I bought a 200k CR-V last year and they are amazing. I wrote a column about it here.”

Doda: 2012 with 197,000 miles

“I bought my 2012 CR-V in April of 2015. It had 10,500 miles at that time. Like the person you spoke of in your article, I drove up to 5,000 miles a month,  but usually around 3,500. I change my oil every 5000 to 6000 miles. I have replaced the tensioner belt and the rear struts. The first time I replaced the brakes was 90,000 miles. The second time was 190,000 miles. New plugs at 100,000 miles, and did have to replace the air conditioning compressor.

I don’t drive as much as I use to (drove for a living back then), but now I have 197,000+ miles on the vehicle. This car was the best investment I have ever made. It still runs like a champ, still looks great and  gets as good mileage as the day I bought it. I’ve paid it off and have no interest or intention of letting it go any time soon! Love my Honda!”

Michelle: 2007 with 386,000 miles

“I couldn’t be happier with my 2007 CR-V with 386,000 miles. I have the automatic transmission. I have replaced the starter once and an alternator twice. I am confident that I will reach 400,000 miles next spring.”

Daniel: 2013 with 171,000 miles

“I enjoyed your article regarding the CR-V with 300,000 miles.  I have 171,000 miles and the only repair that I had was replacing the belt tensioner. Interesting! Very pleased with my CR-V & plan to keep it in the road a long time after reading the 300.000 mile article.”