Ford Says: The All-New Ford Bronco Will NOT Be Revealed in Late November 2019, Still Coming in 2020

The waiting game continues.

2021 ford bronco raptor
2021 Ford Bronco : early prototype

We got an official statement from Ford that the all-new Ford Bronco will not be revealed in late November 2019.

Ford Bronco

Previously, we reported that the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco will be revealed in “second half of November 2019”, potentially around the 2019 LA Auto Show. This unofficial information was based on two separate accounts from people with inside knowledge from recent Ford dealership meetings.

Now, we got an official word from Ford that “There are no plans to reveal the all-new Bronco in the second half of November.” Ford did not specify the model year on the new Bronco either. It’s still not clear if it will be officially designated 2021 or not.

2021 ford bronco veil suv Jeep Wrangler
This is the best official view we’ve seen of the 2021 Ford Bronco. [Photo: Ford]

What does this mean? When will Ford unveil the all-new Bronco? As of right now – all we know is that the reveal will be some time in 2020. The official statement is still the same. “The all-new Bronco returns in 2020.”

We hope it will be sooner rather than later, as many off-road enthusiasts have been waiting for this for years.

Does this mean the new Bronco will have removable doors, manual transmission, removable hardtop and more? Once again, the official word on this is not out yet.