Mazda Files Trademark Application For The ‘MX-30’ Name – Wait, What?

Could this be an MX-5 successor?

Mazda MX-30 patent application - a successor to the Miata?

UPDATE 10/23/2019: This turned out to be the name for Mazda’s all-electric crossover. Check that out here!

What are you up to, Mazda?

Following the debut of the strangely-named CX-30 crossover — not to be confused with the CX-3, or the CX-5, CX-9, or CX-10 through CX-29 they apparently skipped — we wondered what would possibly come next. According to a new trademark application, we may have an answer. What could be next on Mazda’s docket is a so-called “MX-30”.

AutoGuide recently uncovered the patent application, filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. There are no details in the application on what exactly this name is meant for. At this point, we just know they filed an application to trademark the name for something. However, since the MX line exclusively refers to Mazda’s MX-5 Miata, we may be looking at a name for either its successor or some kind of stablemate. Is Mazda looking at a larger roadster?

Let’s go back to the Mazda CX-30 for a second. It’s sort of a go-between for those cross-shopping a CX-3 and CX-5. It carries styling features from both, and some suppose it will eventually replace the CX-3 in Mazda’s lineup. The whole brand is in a transition stage, as it aims to move in a more “premium” direction. Changing the names may be a part of that process. However, in pursuing that goal, the company may eschew the MX-5’s traditional philosophy — a small, taut, lightweigh sports car — in favor of a more upscale, luxurious roadster.

A successor to the MX-5 Miata?

Mazda has to be careful here, since the MX-5 is the brand’s halo car. Even if it’s not Mazda’s cash cow, like the CX-5 is, it’s a revered nameplate among enthusiasts. What’s more, the car itself has more or less followed the same formula for 30 years. Replacing this with something softer, more luxurious, and inevitably more expensive, could be a bad move on Mazda’s part.

Even adding an MX-30 roadster to the lineup alongside the MX-5 could trigger a negative response from the community. After all, if that is the plan, it’s still “not a Miata”. All of this is speculation of course, as Mazda has not officially commented on a future product. At this point, all they’ve done is apply for a trademark. They may just be holding the name, and the name itself won’t make an appearance for years to come.

The Mazda MX-30 could also be a revival of the RX lineup. More or less, it would be the anticipated sports car derived from the Vision Coupe concept — a successor to the RX-8. That could make sense as well. Bigger number, bigger car. Mazda is reportedly working on a new straight-six, “large architecture” platform, so putting a “-30” in the name could denote a new coupe.

Confused? Until we see some action from Mazda on the subject, it’s unlikely we’ll get some clarity right now. However, the moment we do know more, we’ll provide updates.

Photos: Mazda