2019 Land Rover Discovery vs. Range Rover Sport SVR: We Compare Land Rover’s Most Least Dirt-Worthy Models

One of the remarkable things about this Land Rover Discovery vs Range Rover Sport SVR video is the fact that over $50,000 splits them on price. Despite that price disparity, they are both unique, capable and utilitarian. The Land Rover Discovery is extremely capable off-road, especially with its Diesel engine. The Range Rover Sport SVR is a street brawler with its supercharged V8.

The Land Rover Discovery vs Range Rover Sport SVR.
[Photo: TFLcar]

They are both Land Rovers after all… right?

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) markets them separately, and we simply call them by the names they were given. They both are based on a D7 platform; however, the Range Rover Sport is a shorter, smaller vehicle as it does not have a third-row, or as much cargo capacity.

Land Rover Discovery vs Range Rover Sport SVR. Which is best? [Photo: TFLcar]

By the numbers: Range Rover Sport SVR

Sporting a 575 horsepower, 5.0-liter Supercharged V8 that makes 516 lbs-ft of torque, the SVR comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission. It’s quick shifting and the paddle-shifters work well. That power is awesome, however – it’s also thirsty with a combined 16 mpg… damn.

The SVR weighs about 5,100 lbs and it has a tow rating of 6,613 lbs.

By the numbers: Land Rover Discovery TD6

Equipped with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6, (which was co-developed with Ford and Peugeot) the Discovery makes 254 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. Like the SVR, an eight-speed automatic transmission is standard.

The Discovery weighs about 5,000 lbs and it has a 7,716-lbs tow rating.

It is true that both of these vehicles have off-road capability. The Land Rover Discovery is far more off-road worthy. The Discovery has a proper, locking rear differential, beefier tires and better overall dimensions for off-road driving

The Range Rover Sport SVR has some of the Discovery’s off-road capability, but it’s mainly built as a street vehicle that can terrorize sports cars. Its wheels and tires, suspension setup and overall character make it more of a track car.

In this video, you’ll see some of the technical differences between the two.