Toyota’s New SUV, Ugly Corvette and Ask TFLtruck [Ask Nathan]

This is the Toyota FT-4X – could it be the face of Toyota’s new SUV?
(Photo: TFLcar)

Toyota NEEDS to build this! … or something like it.  

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Toyota’s New SUV? Maybe something like it? The Toyota TJ Cruiser Concept
[Photo: Toyota]

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Toyota’s New SUV?
  • Is the new Chevrolet ugly?
  • Ask TFLtruck?

This is the popular Toyota FT-4X concept. [Photo: Toyota]

Big news about the yet to be named, upcoming Toyota SUV.

Q: Via Twitter (NathanAdlen@Twitter) Do you know anything about this news? About Toyota’s new SUV? =0

Is it a SUV or a crossover? Is it a gas or electric vehicle? Will it have a frame?

IZ Hawaii

A: Yes! I know, it’s exciting – right? Toyota and Mazda announced they are building a joint assembly plant in Huntsville, Alabama. It was supposed to be for more Corollas from Toyota and Mazda was building a new SUV (possibly the upcoming CX30). Things have changed.

After several interviews from various sources, it looks like this small SUV or crossover could slot under the RAV4. The Toyota C-HR has no AWD variant and it’s not selling like hotcakes, so this could be something else.

There are three main choices here.

  • Will it be a Jeep Wrangler competitor?

That’s pretty doubtful. Toyota already has a Wrangler fighter, the body-on-frame 4Runner. A new one is due soon and, other than building something new from the ground up that has solid axles, I doubt it will fight the Wrangler. A Jeep Renegade competitor, on the other hand, now that’s possible.

  • Will it be an EV or hybrid?

There’s a very good chance of either. Toyota just rolled out a bunch of EV concepts that will see some sort of production in the next few years – overseas. These platforms could be part of this upcoming vehicle. Also, Toyota has a good track-record with off-road-ish hybrids.

  • Will it be the Toyota Corolla of crossovers?

I think that’s what they will aim for.


It still looks like a Corvette – from the rear. (Photo: Chevrolet)

The next question comes from a Corvette fan who is terribly upset at the looks and transmission of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette.  

Q: Via Twitter (NathanAdlen@Twitter) Nathan! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH GM!? HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW CORVETTE!?!?!?!?!?

I mean YUCK! And there is no manual transmission option!!!!!!! This is the first Corvette in over 60 years with no manual option!


A: I hear you.

While I think that looks are subjective, I personally like the rear design over the front. It will take some time to get used to, but there are positives. The main point is that the performance numbers, for a car this inexpensive (it starts at under $60,000) is mindblowing.

You can read about it (here).

I am thrilled about the 495 horsepower and the midship engine setup, but I am sad about GM not providing a manual transmission. That’s a real shame. Perhaps we will see one in a later edition?

One can only hope.


2016 ike gauntlet shirt hoodie tfltruck gear
Ike Gauntlet shirts (Photo: TFLtruck)

The last question comes from TFLtruck fan who wants his questions answered. 

Q: Hi Nathan, I think your responses to readers questions on TFL car was a great idea.

Can you please do the same on TFLtruck?



A: Hi Jay – thanks for the email!

We have two ways to get your TFLtruck questions answered. Just about every Thursday, unless we’re out of town, we have our Talkin’ Trucks show on YouTube on our TFLnow channel. It runs 4-4:30 Mountain Time.

You can also send in your questions directly to Andre at

Hope that helps!  


Speaking of trucks and Toyotas…

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