Report: Tesla Is Updating The Model S In September With 400-Mile Range

A new Tesla Model S will head into production this September.

While it’s undergone a wide range of minor updates, the Tesla Model S looks like it will get a major refresh this fall. CNBC reports that Tesla is retooling its Fremont, California factory to build the upcoming Model Y crossover, as well as the updated Model S with a new interior and longer range.

The current Model S Long Range manages 370 miles on a charge, but even a 10 percent improvement to the magical 400 number puts its range close to its gasoline-powered competitors. The company hasn’t announced what exactly changes to the Model S would entail. The report leans on employees within Tesla, who say the car will use the same drive units as the Tesla Model 3, as well as a larger battery pack.

Tesla Model 3 interior
The current Model 3 interior places all the driving and media information into its central display. [Photo: Tesla]

As for the interior, Tesla will also draw inspiration from the Model 3’s minimalist layout. That means a new model would likely move everything over to the central display, rather than using a more conventional instrument cluster. The steering wheel and center console would also likely see some updates from the current Model S design.

Combining production

While Tesla slowed down both Model S and Model X production to accommodate demand, it may actually combine the two models into one production line. That would make room for Model Y production. CEO Elon Musk said the company has been canceling tours of the Fremont factory because of “upgrades”, but naturally did not elaborate on what sort of upgrades were being done.

Tesla Model S
A new Model S is reportedly going into production in September 2019. [Photo: Tesla]

It’s also unclear whether the Tesla Model S will see an exterior facelift in addition to interior changes. The company facelifted the current Model S in 2016, and has mainly focused on software upgrades since.

Hopefully we will see more updates closer to September 2019, when an updated Model S is reportedly going into production.