2020 Land Rover Defender Prototypes Are Testing in Moab Utah (Spied)

2020 land rover defender moab utah
2020 Land Rover Defender prototype (photo: Casey)

Land Rover announced that the all-new 2020 Defender 4×4 SUV will make its debut in 2019 and go on sale in 2020. They also said that prototypes of the new Defender will “start showing up around the country”. Indeed! Recently we had reports of new Defender SUVs in Wyoming, and now – a TFLtruck viewer captured two prototypes in Moab, Utah.

Thank you to Casey for sending us these images.

What we have here is what looks like a two-door variant of the new Defender prototype in the middle of Moab. Presumably, Land Rover has been testing on the famous off-road trails.

Land Rover is aiming to make the new Defender the most capable yet. This is according to the company. Testing the prototypes on the challenging Utah trails is one great way to find out what it’s made of.

Interestingly, there is an earlier prototype seen testing alongside the latest boxy SUVs. The earlier prototype has a short wheelbase, but has is wearing many body components of a Range Rover Sport.

This is a great time to be an off-road enthusiast. The Jeep Wrangler JL has been on sale for about a year. The next generation Ford Bronco is coming next year, and the Defender is joining in.

There appears to be two versions of the new Defender: two-door and four-door. The prototype (seen in the video below) is using an independent rear suspension. It will be interesting to see the real-world capability of the new Defender once it reaches production.