Owner Review: Buying A Brand New 2019 Audi Q8 – A Love Or Hate Experience?

Did this TFL reader get a great deal on their brand new Q8?

We have been asking you all to send us pictures of your recently purchased new vehicles. We want to know what your buying experience was like and whether or not you love (or hate) your new ride. Sometimes the best people to review cars are the owners themselves. You guys get to (and have to) live with these cars every day. As a result you learn very quickly what you like and dislike about these cars.

This review comes from new Audi Q8 owner, George D.

George says: “I was visiting my son, in Woodstock, GA the last week 2018. There happened to be an end of the year Audi sales event, and I went over to the local dealer with my son to see the new Q8. The dealer had 6 in stock, but there was this white Premium Plus that I liked in the showroom with custom 22-inch rims. The Prestige trim had some extras like a Heads-Up Display, but it was over $80,000. Fully loaded ones can top $90,000!

I noticed from YouTube that there was no unlock button in the back seat, but overall it had great room in it, even if it was a little less than the Q7. I took pictures of the SUV and thought about it going over to look at a Range Rover Velar. The Velar and it was nice, but it was just too small for me. The Range Rover Sport was fine, but it was in the $90,000+ range.”

Sealing the deal

“I went back to my sons’ house and e-mailed a salesman from the Audi North Atlanta dealership. The MSRP for the car I looked at was right at $76,000, but the salesman told me that he could sell me the SUV for $71,172.00 — about a $5,000 off the sticker price. After beating another dealer on the trade in for my 2018 Audi Q7 Prestige by $4,000, I accepted the deal. The dealer even took another $1,000 off when I financed through Audi.

The salesman arranged a driver to deliver my new car to my house and pick up my trade. On top of that, he did not even charge me for the service. 

Overall, I would say, I had a good buying experience. It’s a good car at a good price, with a good trade-in and a salesman who wanted to make the sale. The dealership occasionally calls to check in on my experience.”

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