Cadillac Got Cheeky On Twitter For Valentine’s Day, And It’s Hilarious

It’s nice to see the lighter side of things every once in awhile.

The internet is a wonderful place, isn’t it? More often than not, we’re caught in the smorgasbord of the latest news, auto shows, or press events. That said, it’s nice to take a step back every once in awhile, crack a few jokes and have some fun. This Valentine’s Day, Cadillac evidently agrees, as they took to Twitter looking for some love from its rivals.

To that end, they sent some racy tweets to other luxury automakers like Jaguar and BMW. I always enjoy when car companies get snarky with one another, and whoever runs the Twitter accounts below did not disappoint.

Here’s how Cadillac came at Jaguar, for example:

It wasn’t long before Jaguar responded:

Now, I’m really a sucker for clever puns. And clearly Cadillac agrees, as they fired off this response: “Just don’t leave scratch marks.” There’s only one thing you can say to that:

Oh, it gets better

Cadillac then tweeted out to BMW. “Is your GPS working? Because we’re lost in your headlights.”

Then it was Lexus’ turn to respond to Cadillac’s search for love on Valentine’s Day. Well, I say “search for love,” but it was more like a backhanded compliment. “We don’t care what anyone says. We think your big grille is really attractive.”

Clearly they didn’t appreciate the compliment. Cadillac also reached out to Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Tesla yesterday, but they were met with silence. Most likely the three companies saw Cadillac as that gawky kid they wouldn’t be caught dead with at the school dance.

Cadillac didn’t send anything out to Lincoln, though, so we’re wondering what’s going on there. Come on Cadillac, Navigators need love too! At any rate, it looks like Cadillac at least had some luck on Valentine’s Day. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t result in some weird offspring in a few months’ time.

Of course, no one is on Wendy’s level when it comes to pure Twitter gold: