Nissan IMs Electric Concept: Lifted Electric AWD Sedan Hits 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Will this nearly 500 horsepower concept make it to production?

Nissan IMs electric sedan concept
The Nissan IMs EV Concept. [Photo: Nissan]

Nissan headlines its next all-electric concept.

The Nissan IMs concept sedan has debuted at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. According to Nissan, the Nissan IMs Concept is powered by electric motors in both the front and the rear. Thanks to that dual-motor setup, this Nissan promises not to stick around off the line. 483 horsepower and 590 lb-feet of torque are on tap from this sedan concept. Equipped with “advanced” air suspension at all four corners, the ride height and overall handling characteristics will be customizable.

Nissan is no longer a solo player in the U.S. EV market and the Nissan IMs EV Concept may show where the company is heading. They call it, “The Elevated Sports Sedan.” Equipped with a 115 kWh battery, the Nissan IMs EV Concept is said to have up to a 380-mile range.

The Nissan IMs EV Concept (interior) [Photo: Nissan]


The interior is unique sporting what Nissan calls 2+1+2 seating. Essentially, it’s a multi-configurable rear seating area that can go from unique seating for three, to a single (large) rear seat that looks like its made for an executive. The side seats are smaller and fold away.

The Nissan IMs EV Concept Rear Seat [Image: Nissan]

Nissan accents the rest of the interior with modern touches along with a rectangular steering wheel and a fully digitalized dashboard. Naturally, next-generation autonomous capability will permeate this car. Nissan is adamant, however, that the manual driving of the IMs EV Concept is involving and rewarding.

The Nissan IMs EV Concept [Photo: Nissan]

Externally, Nissan styled the IMs concept its “Heritage” vehicles and their Z-cars as inspiration. According to the company, along with the low drag design and floating roof design element, the shape lends its existence to the past.

While Nissan hasn’t announced any possible production, these design elements will likely make it into future concepts. As for the “The Elevated Sports Sedan” title, it could be something Nissan will run with in the future.

The Nissan IMs EV Concept [Photo: Nissan]