The Toyota Camry and Avalon TRD Show Their Faces – And Shred Some Rubber – Before 2018 LA Auto Show [News]

Do they have performance to match the looks?

Earlier this month, Toyota announced the impending arrival of two new TRD models. The Camry & Avalon TRD versions are both slated to come out at the LA Auto Show later this month. With the announcement came a small teaser image revealing just the nose of each car.


Today, Toyota took to Twitter as part of their #TRDtakeover day. Toyota has been using their Twitter Page to drop a series of videos revealing the Camry & Avalon TRD. So far we have seen Rutledge Wood, formerly of US Top Gear, as well as Nascar Drivers Martin Truex Jr. and Kyle Busch as they experience the Camry & Avalon TRD for the first time.

The first video posted this morning revealed the exterior accents applied to each car. The Camry has, as we knew, a different ground effects package, black TRD wheels, black mirror caps, and a black spoiler at the back. We have also seen and heard the upgraded growl from the TRD Exhaust fitted to the Camry and Avalon.


The Avalon receives a very similar package to the Camry. TRD wheels, a more aggressive front valence, black mirrors, fancy side sills and that aggressive TRD exhaust have all been shown off at this point.

It is not just the exterior on these vehicles that received a TRD treatment. Both the Camry & Avalon TRD have special TRD themed interiors as well. The seats have some extra red stitching, there are red seat belts and lets not forget the Camry TRD and Avalon TRD branded floor carpets.

We are still missing some information though. Specifically, we don’t know if the TRD versions of these cars have any notable performance upgrades. An improved exhaust could indicate that these sedans have seen some other improvements under the hood. Plus, Toyota’s gang of racing drivers have mentioned heading to the track. But it remains unclear if there is any real power or handling difference on the Camry & Avalon TRD.

We expect to learn more about these new TRD models as we get nearer to the 2018 LA Auto Show, and we will update this post accordingly.

In the meantime, why not see what we think of the new Avalon in a more stock configuration, by checking out the video below: