Nissan Previews Project Clubsport 23: A Twin-Turbo 370Z Packing 400 Horsepower [News]

This special project 370Z has a different engine from the 3.7-liter V6 in the stock model

Nissan 370Z Project Clubsport 23

SEMA is a chance for specialists in the trade to display their wild and wacky creations.

From a wide range of concept trucks to an 800 horsepower Prius from Hell, SEMA gives us the opportunity to check out some awesome concepts. But it’s not just aftermarket specialists that take part – sometimes manufacturers throw their hats in the ring with their own project cars. Take NISMO (Nissan Motorsports) for example. At first glance, it looks like they showed up with an ordinary 370Z. However, this Project Clubsport 23 track car hosts OEM and aftermarket parts. The result? A track-dedicated sports car with 400 horsepower. And yes, they kept the six-speed manual transmission.

Nissan 370Z Project Clubsport 23

The Project Clubsport 23 started with a 2012 Nissan 370Z NISMO. Nissan ditched the car’s original 350 horsepower – still on offer in today’s 370Z, by the way – and replaced it with a twin-turbocharged VR30DDTT engine. It’s the same 400 horsepower unit found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. While they went under the hood, NISMO and aftermarket specialists also fitted an AMS cold air intake and Z1 Motorsports bloe-off valves. Using that engine presented a new challenge, as Nissan hadn’t paired it to a manual transmission before.

That’s where MA Motorsports of Glen Arm, Maryland came in. They developed a clutch disc, cover and flywheel to mate the transmission to Nissan’s twin-turbo engine. They also developed a differential cooler for the NISMO GT LSD Pro-Carbon 2-way rear differential. Apart from the engine and transmission, the Project Clubsport 23 also has a MA Motorsports bespoke dual exhaust system, as well as upgraded NISMO HC Street/Track brake pads. Suspension mods include new NISMO front and rear components, a 3-piece body brace set, and KW Variant 3 coilovers with Eibach rear springs.

Nissan developed their Project Clubsport 23 track car in collaboration with aftermarket specialists MA Motorsports. [Photo: Nissan]

Inside the Project Clubsport 23

On the inside, the Project Clubsport 23 hosts a variety of go-faster parts. There are Sparco QRT-R competition seats with 6-point racing harnesses, as well as a Sparco R383 steering wheel. NISMO and MA Motorsports also fitted a custom roll cage and custom, red diamond-stitched upholstery. Wrapping up the car’s aesthetic treatment – literally, in this case – is a Gloss Burnt Orange body wrap from Speedesign Custom Graphics.

Now, like most SEMA reveals, this particular example isn’t available for sale. “Yet,” Nissan mentions in their release. According to their statement, Nissan “may offer a ‘builder’s kit’ at some point. That will give consumers the parts they need to convert their own 370Z. The 18-inch RAYS aluminum alloy wheels will go on sale through Nissan dealerships in the near future.

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