The Lincoln MKT Isn’t Dying, Despite Lincoln’s Revamped Lineup [News]

The old-timer MKT will carry on as a boost to the brand's fleet sales.

Lincoln MKT will live on
The aging Lincoln MKT will live on to spur fleet sales. [Photo: Lincoln]

While Lincoln redesigns and renames its lineup, the odd-duck MKT will live on.

Automotive News reports that the Lincoln MKT – now nearly a decade old – isn’t going away in the immediate future. Despite the new Aviator’s imminent arrival, Lincoln is not planning to end production of their lowest-volume crossover.

Why is it sticking around? Livery services – taxis and chauffeurs – love the MKT. Automotive News spoke to Robert Parker, Lincoln’s marketing manager, who said, “the MKT will stick around for the foreseeable future for fleet buyers to use as hotel cabs or funeral hearses.”

It hasn’t exactly been a strong seller. Lincoln shifted just 200 units in August 2018, down 12 percent from August 2017. By contrast, the MKX sold 2,394 examples, while the MKC sold 2,423 units. Mind you, these cars are both less expensive than the MKT, but they’re also both significantly newer. After the new Nautilus and refreshed MKC come along, the MKT will be the last vehicle to wear Lincoln’s old split grille design. As it’s such an old model, Lincoln likely won’t update it either, especially since the new Aviator is coming soon.

However, because the new Aviator is coming soon, buyers may still turn to the MKT for a bit of a deal. Instead of selling the Aviator to fleet buyers, the MKT will fulfill that niche. “If you see an Aviator in Denver at a rental-car location,” Parker said, “it’s because they paid us what you would have paid when you bought it.” While newer Lincoln models – particularly in Black Label trim – fetch a premium, there’s a gap at the bottom of the lineup for models like the MKT.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on Lincoln’s plans. That said, the MKT certainly won’t be going anywhere right away, so expect to see it around a little while longer.

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