Crazy-Fast New Tesla Roadster Could Debut in Switzerland Tomorrow, September 5 [News]

Tesla needs to improve cash flows in order to fund pending projects, like the Roadster. [Photo: Tesla]
Back in November, Elon Musk dropped the bomb that a new Tesla Roadster was in the works. Now, it seems, we will get a look at the production model sooner than we think. Tesla invited folks to the inaugural Grand Basel show in Switzerland, promising a ‘surprise’. The surprise, we presume, is the reveal of a production-ready Tesla Roadster.

Now, the original promise of a new Roadster came with a long list of insane numbers. 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, over 600 miles of range, and a top speed over 250 miles per hour. We also got our first glimpse at the car – at least in its earliest form. It continues the design legacy of the original Roadster – the car that launched the company – without looking quite so Lotus-esque. The new Tesla roadster features seating for four, in addition to all of the mad performance figures.

Pricing on the new Roadster starts at $200,000, with prospective owners asked to cough up a $50,000 deposit. Although Tesla has promised the Roadster is coming, we have absolutely zero idea of when they will actually make their way to people’s driveways. However, the promised ‘surprise’ from Basel is scheduled for tomorrow night. We should hopefully know a lot more when that happens.

While several sources claim the company will likely reveal the new Tesla Roadster, they’re also planning on bringing a Model Y to their lineup. Perhaps, then, this surprise could be related to a different new model. Stay tuned to to find out. As soon as we know more, you will be the first to hear about here, and on our YouTube channels TFLcar & TFLnow.

This new Roadster promises some insane speeds, but there are already Teslas that can go really fast. Check out the video below to see a Model 3 take on a McLaren 570s: