New Datsun for the U.S, Supercharged Tahoe and Racing Coverage? [Ask Nathan]

  • Will we get a (Nissan) Datsun in the USA?
  • Can GM Supercharge the Chevrolet Tahoe?
  • Why don’t you cover more races?

The first question comes from a student who is looking at inexpensive cars and noticed a Datsun story that TFLcar posted.

(Via Twitter@NathanAdlen) Hi Nathan! Got a Nissan question

I read all of your Ask Nathan posts and saw a Datsun story from a while back. Do you think Nissan will change their minds? My friend said they announced they would bring it here. I need the cheapest new car I can get when I go to college in two years. I dislike the Nissan Versa, but my family sticks with Nissan.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Nissan brought the Datsun here? Please tell Roman and Andre that I say hi! And please do a video with the Beetle vs Big Green!!!

Davy 15 from Orlando, FL

A: Hi Davy!

Sorry to say, Nissan has not mentioned the Datsun coming to the United States – ever. It is an inexpensive line of cars, you can get a base Datsun Go for well under $10,000 U.S. The Datsun lineup was specifically built for overseas markets like India. As such, they do not have to go through the expensive Federalizing process (U.S. smog and safety requirements), which would push the price way up.

No, Nissan appears to be happy with their current fleet of inexpensive cars. Remember: Nissan has controlling interest of Mitsubishi, which builds the Mitsubishi Mirage – one of the least expensive cars sold in the United States.

If you’re truly inclined to driving something inexpensive and new, take a look at the Chevrolet Spark and Ford Fiesta (dealerships are heavily discounting them as they are being discontinued). I would recommend saving your dough and trying for the Honda Fit. It’s the best car in this class.

Best of luck!


The next question comes from a fan who thinks GM will supercharge the next Chevrolet Tahoe.

Greetings and salutations Nathan! Want to hear my next-gen Tahoe theory? 

I think that GM is beginning to feel the painful sales loss that the new Ford Expedition is bringing to the table. I think that the Ecoboost power is just too much for GM to overcome. So I think that the next Tahoe and Suburban will have supercharged engine options to compete against the amazing Ecoboost.

Do you agree with me? I hope you do and I hope you guys get rid of that horrible Land Rover!


A: Hi Collin!

Right now, GM is completely reworking the Suburban/Yukon and Tahoe. Yes, the new Expedition is rightfully giving them something to think about. Based on that, we’ve recently seen a Suburban prototype testing out a new independant suspension.

As for the idea of a supercharged V8 from General Motors going up against the EcoBoost? Sure, it’s possible, but I have yet to hear of any rumors backing up that idea. Currently, the current GM 6.2-liter V8 is a good competitor against the EcoBoost.

We’ll see that new Suburban soon, maybe by the 2019 NAIAS. Perhaps by then we’ll have a better idea of what they are using to power the vehicle. I’m thinking they may have an updated hybrid system, but I could easily be wrong.

As for the new TFL rescue and recovery vehicle, let’s give it a chance!



The last question comes from a fan who wonder why we don’t cover more races.

hyundai, i20, wrc, snow, racecar
2015 Rally Sweden (by WRC)

Hey Nathan, what’s up big guy?

I’ve always wondered why Team TFL doesn’t cover more races. Like, I see lots of Pikes Peak coverage, because you are right there, right? But I don’t see many other races covered by you. Why is that?

Call me Bud!

Howdy Bud!

I wish we had the resources to cover all racing. Hell, I wish we had the numbers needed just to cover the WRC and F1 season. Still, we do highlight results and we usually display champions at
the end of their various seasons.

With that being said, you’re correct, we don’t cover a ton of racing and that’s a shame. Maybe one day, we’ll be big enough to have a full time race correspondent who only covers all racing. If the interest is there, and if we have the wherewithal to do it, maybe one day we will.

Sadly, that will have to wait a few years.


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