The New Toyota Supra Is Here! But Wait, It’s a Racing Concept? [News]

GR Supra Racing Concept
[Photo: Toyota]

Toyota’s historic Supra nameplate returns, but not where you might expect

For awhile now, we’ve been waiting for Toyota to revive its iconic Supra nameplate. In fact, it’s been 20 years since the Supra was offered in the U.S. market. It stayed alive in Japan a little longer, only ceasing production in 2002. A few years back, the company teased the FT-1 Concept, and we expected a front-engine, rear-drive sports car to emerge soon after. “When would the new Toyota Supra emerge?”, we wondered.

Well, that didn’t happen. That was back in 2014, and we’ve only been waiting since then. Now, a few weeks ago, Toyota did tease a dark silhouette with a pretty clear cut message: “The legend returns”. Today, at the Geneva Motor Show, it seems Toyota’s finally made good on their intentions to bring the Supra back. At least in a manner of speaking.

Meet the GR Racing Concept

Toyota Gazoo Racing imagined up this car: the GR Supra Racing Concept. Yep, “racing concept”. The car was bred for the track, with a big “90” on the door heralding the nameplate’s return. You see, the original Supra was known, internally, as the A40 generation. Through the years, we saw the A60 and A70 in the 1980s. However, the Supra we younger enthusiasts know and love is the A80, which materialized in 1993. It stands to reason, then, that the number on the door marks this as the A90-generation Supra.

Toyota didn’t say much about what actually makes the GR Racing Concept go. It’s a front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration, and it uses ‘advanced lightweight materials’ in its construction. As you would expect, since it’s a racing car. However, there was no mention of powertrain specs.

There were, however, some dimensions listed. The new Supra (at least in this racing guise) has a 97.2 inch wheelbase, and sits at 180.1 inches long. It’s also 80.6 inches wide and 48.4 inches tall. Toyota also states the Racing Concept has a lowered front and rear suspension and a plastic windscreen and side windows. It has Brembo brakes, BBS racing wheels and Michelin racing tires.

GR Supra Racing Concept

No production Supra…for now

This reveal doesn’t signal a return of a production Supra to the U.S. market, or anywhere else for that matter. However, Toyota does emphasize its commitment to bringing its sports car back to the market in the future. How soon will we see it? Well, check back to for more updates, and we’ll report on that as soon as we know.

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