The Jeep 4Speed Concept – Part of a Super Lightweight Legacy [Video]

Jeep 4SPEED Concept
[Photo: FCA]
Over the past decade or so, we’ve tested various siblings to the Jeep 4Speed concept including the Jeep Stitch concept and the Jeep Porkchop concept. All three of these vehicles are dear to the head of Jeep Design, Mark Allen. He maintains that, if you remove a serious amount of weight from a Jeep Wrangler, you will improve it in just about every way.

Take a close look at this plate inside the Jeep 4Speed concept. It is a gas!


This interview took place during the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari where Jeep/FCA brings out their concepts, one-offs and bizarre ideas allowing journalists to get a peek inside of their minds. In some cases, these vehicles either display new components and ideas, or they could foreshadow some of the ideas Jeep Design is cultivating. Either way, it’s a blast to cover.

In building the Jeep 4Speed concept, Allen states that they removed around 950-lbs from the vehicle. This was done by replacing components with carbon fiber, removing the rear seats, radio, doors, roof and HAVAC systems, using lightweight wheels and finding creative ways to eliminate other “unnecessary” components. All this while maintaining the regular suspension, which raises quite a bit thanks to the lightweight.

Jeep 4SPEED Concept
Jeep 4SPEED Concept. [Photo: TFLcar]

They even eliminated the passenger’s outside side-view mirror and added a small round mirror to the passenger’s side of the dashboard to remove some additional ounces. While it looks cool, it’s hard to see how this mirror placement would be usable. Once again, the Jeep 4Speed concept was never meant for production.

They were looking at building something akin to modern side-by-side UTVs while maintaining its Jeep off-road prowess. They used the skins of ski jackets to cover the two seats and maintained the blue on silver and black paint scheme.

In this video, you will see Mark Allen, head of Jeep Design, go over the details of the Jeep 4Speed concept.