Futuristic and Retro: What’s It Like Driving a Classic Mini Electric? [Video]

You know those cars that peer into the future? The Classic Mini Electric has a futuristic powertrain, but looks to the past for design

When some cars emerge on the scene, they’re just too far ahead of their time. Others, on the other hand, are just too old-fashioned to cut it in the modern automotive world. So which would you reckon this one is? It’s a Classic Mini Electric, and Mini bills it as a “look back into the future”. That’s a fairly apt way to describe it, as it demonstrates elements of the future wrapped in the skin of the past. So, what is it like to drive? Does it still feel like a classic Mini after you replace the 63 horsepower internal combustion engine with an electric powertrain? Andre takes the Classic Mini Electric around Manhattan to find out!

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Classic Mini Electric
[Photo: MINI]