Low-Sales Syndrome: The Top 10 Worst-Selling Cars of 2017 [Video]

The new year always brings lots of exciting news and material (stay tuned to TFLcar.com for that). However, it also allows us to reflect on the previous year. In this video, Andre and Nathan take time to count down the top 10 worst-selling cars of 2017. This list originally came from our friends at Autoblog –  special thanks to them for coming up with this list!

#10 – Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – 744 Units

This is one of a handful of vehicles on this list that is actually being discontinued for next year. I guess people were not too excited about the Mercedes-Benz attempt at a compact electric hatchback. Perhaps they will make some changes and try to bring it back in the future.

#9 – Dodge Viper – 585 Units

2016 dodge viper acr racing street track
[Photo: Dodge]
This vehicle is also discontinued for 2018. Fortunately, it set a lap record at just about every track it set foot at last year with the ACR variant. Many of us are sad to see the Viper go, but with sales figures that small, it’s easy to see why Dodge binned it.

#8 – Acura NSX – 581 Units

2017 Acura NSX
[Photo: Acura]
This is somewhat of a concerning number for Acura, given how great of a car they produced. However, with a starting price tag over $150,000 it could be the case that people would like to end up in a more high-end brand for that kind of money. On the other hand, it could be argued that this is somewhat of a bargain. Featuring the same technology as the McLaren P1 for a tenth of the price.

#7 – Nissan GT-R – 578 Units

Top 10 Worst-Selling Cars of 2017
[Photo: Nissan]
This car is getting OLD. Debuting when George “Dubyah” Bush was in office, this car may be seeing declining sales figures due to its age. While it is still an incredible performance car for the price. People are just not buying very many.

#6 – BMW i8 – 488 Units

Top 10 Worst-Selling Cars
[Photo: TFLcar]
The i8 may be suffering due to its performance on the road. While it is certainly fast, it is not nearly as fast as one may hope for a hybrid sports car. In fact, it is not even close to the fastest car that BMW sells. Good looks can only get so far, and the sales of this stylish sports coupe have certainly showed that.

#5 – Kia K900 – 455 Units

[Photo: Kia]
This car is a classic case of right car, wrong brand. The K900 was not a bad car. It was a big, luxury sedan that unfortunately just didn’t fit in well with Kia’s brand identity. As such, it is no surprise that this car is being discontinued for 2018.

#4 – Alfa Romeo 4C – 407 Units

[Photo: Alfa Romeo]
This car may just have an issue with practicality. It is a two-seater with almost zero trunk space. If you were buying something to use purely as a track car it might be perfect. However, the American buyer may be better conditioned to buy something with more seats and usable space. Furthermore, it didn’t come with a manual transmission. So those looking to buy it as a driver’s car may also be disappointed. It has not been discontinued yet. But if sales keep going like they have been, it may be gone soon.

#3 – Bentley Flying Spur – 257 Units

[Photo: Bentley]
This car is just super expensive. Bentley doesn’t sell a ton of vehicles anyways, as seen by the next car on this list.

#2 – Bentley Mulsanne – 98 Units

2015, bentley, mulsanne, speed, torque
[Photo: Bentley]
If the $189,000 Flying Spur was having trouble selling, then the $300,000 Mulsanne was going to have a real tough go at it. Not even 100 units sold.

#1 – Ford GT – 89 Units

[Photo: Ford]
This is a number very much made by Ford’s own doing. They were extremely careful about how many they sold. In fact, you had to apply to even be able to purchase one. In total, Ford is supposedly going to make 1,000 all together, but it may take them a while to sell them all.

Be sure to watch the whole video for more explanation as to why these cars sold so poorly. Make sure you stay until the end to hear what the bonus was! Be sure to stay tuned to the TFLcar and TFLnow YouTube channels for more fun lists like this one.