Are These 5 Cars Getting The Updates They Desparately Need in the Next Year?

While most cars are updated every four years or so, some just seem to sit there, almost as if they’re lost in time. Take the Nissan Versa, for instance. That model, and it’s Versa Note counterpart, have hummed along for almost six years without any major updates. In automotive terms, they’re…well, let’s be kind and say “getting on in years”. It’s time the current models are put to pasture, and manufacturers update their aging platforms as we prepare to enter the 2020s.

Now, according to an eagle-eyed and well-informed TFLcar reader, we have a list of cars getting major updates in the next couple years. At time of writing, we can’t say beyond a reasonable doubt these updates are indeed coming. However, given how long it’s been since automakers have overhauled these cars, you may well argue these entries are accurate. Stay tuned to for Part 2 of this list tomorrow!

2015 Nissan Versa

1) Nissan Versa 

To say the Nissan Versa desperately needs to be updated is an understatement. The Versa is Nissan’s entry-level model, but Nissan hasn’t really updated it since 2012. Sure, they’ve bestowed the car with some minor updates and packages through its six-year lifespan. You do still get some features in the Versa, like a (mandated) rear-view camera and Bluetooth connectivity. However, the Versa lacks much of the safety tech that has trickled down to even economy cars these days. If Nissan is about to revamp the Versa in 2018 or 2019, it will be a welcome update.

2) Subaru Forester

Ah, the good old Forester. This model has gotten some updates over the years – most significant being Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist suite – but the body style hasn’t changed much since 2012. According to our source, Subaru may be looking to overhaul its entire lineup before 2020. Subaru did just reveal the Ascent in LA, so that may be the tip of an iceberg as the company overhauls its lineup.

2017 Toyota Prius c

3) Toyota Prius lineup

Love or hate its styling, the Toyota Prius is a car that certainly tries to eschew the hybrid stereotype, at least on the aesthetic front. The current-generation Prius launched in 2015, so the normal model may get its regular four-year update. However, what’s more significant here is the possible reprisal of the Prius V (last sold as a 2017 model). Toyota may also update the Prius c to match the original Prius’ in styling. Maybe Toyota will dial back the styling a bit?

2017 Toyota Corolla XSE

4) Toyota Corolla

The Corolla is a staple in Toyota’s lineup. It’s in its eleventh generation, for goodness’ sake! As one of the best-selling cars in the world, it makes sense that Toyota wouldn’t change the recipe quite so often. Going off historical precedent, the company updates its compact offering every six or seven years, so its high time for the twelfth generation to break onto the scene. Other media outlets have spied a new Corolla in the wild, so here’s to hoping the updated model is coming soon!

2017 Ford Escape SE

5) Ford Escape

Ford radically redesigned its boxy Escape back in 2013, and facelifted the model for 2017. However, seeing as its been six years since the third generation launched, it may be time for a major overhaul. It’s lagging behind its competition as far as interior space is concerned, so hopefully Ford can address that issue in the near future.


What updated models are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!