10 Reasons Wagons Including the Buick Regal TourX Are Badass, As If You Needed 10 [Video]

Wagons are back. Or, at the very least, the options are expanding. Back in the day, even when I was growing up not that long ago, wagons were deeply uncool to own. They were just boxy or jellybean-shaped, boring cars that served a purpose, but offered absolutely no flavor. These days, though, things are changing. In a world absolutely choked with crossovers, the wagon’s making its case as a stylish, practical alternative. Think about it – they have the looks and handling characteristics of a normal car, yet they just happen to be practical enough to bring the whole family and all your gear along for the ride.

So are wagons truly badass? TFLcar’s Roman Mica and Our Auto Expert journalist Nik Miles certainly seem to think to. To prove it, they’re counting down a list of ten reasons the Buick Regal TourX and wagons like it are truly badass machines. Check out the video above for more! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Car and TFLnow for more news, views, and awesome wagon reviews.

2018 Buick Regal TourX
[Photo: Buick]

10) Exclusivity

One of the reasons wagons, including this Buick Regal TourX, are badass is their sheer exclusivity. Wagons have traded their fuddy-duddy image for something sleeker and modern. That being said, not many people are going to buy in to the wagon lifestyle, on the whole. If you buy a sports wagon, you’ll likely be the only person who owns one on your entire block. That has some charm in itself. You could follow the crowd and buy the thousandth crossover on your block. Or, you could be a little different and have something like this.

9) All-wheel drive security

The Buick Regal TourX comes with all-wheel drive, as is fashionable for most wagons these days. Apart from the added practicality, all-wheel drive offers some piece of mind to keep your family safe as you head for the next adventure. Just don’t go too far off the beaten path, since you do lose some ground clearance compared to crossovers.

8) Continental

The Buick Regal TourX is an exclusively European offering. The reason for that is the Regal is a rebadged version of the Opel Insignia. That makes the car multicultural, in a sense. Thanks to its European character traits and sleek good looks, you could see all sorts of people driving around in this “continental” wagon. It doesn’t break the bank, either. The TourX we’re testing comes in at $39,995 and offers 21 City/29 Highway/24 Combined MPG.

7) Lower center of gravity

Thanks to the wagon’s lower profile against a crossover, the Buick Regal TourX and other wagons are nicer to drive. They handle more like a traditional car, they’re harder to roll in quick maneuvers, and they’re just a bit more fun.

2018 Buick Regal TourX
[Photo: Buick]

6) Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Some manufacturers lure people into crossovers on the basis that they’re lifestyle, “go-anywhere” vehicles. But let’s face facts: In real life, most people aren’t exactly going to compete in the Dakar Rally in their crossovers. You may sacrifice off-road ability in a wagon, but these cars have everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

5) A torquey engine and space for the whole family

The Buick Regal TourX’s 2.0-liter turbocharged engine puts out 250 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. That’s a pretty decent amount of power for what some may consider a humdrum car, and it comes mated to an eight-speed automatic. However, for those pining for the feature, it does not have paddle shifters. Not only that, but there’s good headroom, and a reasonable amount of rear leg room as well, unless you’re a taller adult.

4) Every wagon makes you look sporty

Wagons have taken the place of those earlier, lifestyle crossovers mentioned earlier. You could very well be an active, outdoorsy person who needs a crossover to carry all your adventure gear. But the game is up with that type of car – you know most people aren’t really using crossovers for that intended purpose. However, with a wagon, you could still look like a sporting individual. You don’t have to carry any gear, and people still look at you and think you’re sporty. Unless, perhaps, everyone changes tune and buys wagons instead.

2018 Buick Regal TourX
[Photo: Buick]

3) Wagons are cavernous

Against a normal sedan, wagons make so much sense because there is so much space! Not only do they mostly handle like an ordinary car, but you can fit all your gear, too. Thanks to a lower right height, its also easier to fit all that gear in the back of a Buick Regal TourX or any other wagon. With the seats folded, there’s 73.5 cubit feet of cargo space. Enough for several Romans!

2) You don’t need a beard to drive one

Wagons may be the next purview of hipsters the world over, mainly due to wagons’ exclusivity, the continental factor, etc. Bearing that in mind, you don’t need to be a beardy type to drive a wagon these days. Although, as Nik demonstrates, having one might help a bit.

1) They’re sexy as…well, they’re sexy.

With a low center of gravity, sleek looks, a punchy engine, and all that practicality, you almost can’t go wrong with a wagon. There are a couple drawbacks – let’s face it, nothing’s truly perfect – but a wagon may be one of the cars that truly comes close to perfect.


What do you think of the Buick Regal TourX and other sport wagons? Let us know in the comments!

2018 Buick Regal TourX
[Photo: Buick]