Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Packs 805 HP and Will Take You to 60 MPH in Under 3.0 Seconds [2017 Geneva Motor Show]

The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept sedan is finally here, and the initial specifications are mind-blowing. This is a case of Mercedes bringing successful Formula 1 technology to a consumer-based package as embodied by this concept car. Mercedes calls the new performance gas/electric hybrid system – “EQ Power+”. The company claims 805 total system horsepower when you combine the 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine with an electric motor. AMG claims that the car is capable of 0-60 MPH acceleration in under 3.0 seconds. (This would put it on par with the most powerful Tesla Model S sedan).

The GT Concept employs the latest 4MATIC+ all-wheel-drive system to put the power to the ground. The system is able to shift torque from side to side (torque vectoring) for optimum performance and handling.

The electric motor helps by sending power to the rear axle. The concept car can operate purely in electric more, purely in gasoline mode, or by blending the two power sources together. Mercedes claims that the battery system has a large reserve and can be recharged via regenerative braking or by using the gas engine as a generator. While this is not a new concept, folks at AMG say that they leveraged the Formula 1 racing experience to extract high amounts of power and efficiency from this hybrid system.

This concept is very intriguing and appears production-ready, but Mercedes has not said whether this concept will be going to production. The company did say that we can expect production vehicles with the “EQ Power+” label in the future.

You can briefly hear the exhaust note of the GT Concept is this promotional Mercedes-AMG video.