VW Passat GT Concept: Volkswagen Tests the Sporty Side of Family Sedans at the 2016 LA Auto Show

2018 vw passat gt v6 sport sedan concept la auto show
VW Passat GT Concept

Volkswagen will unveil the VW Passat GT Concept this week at the 2016 LA Auto Show (also known as: Automobility LA Show). Volkswagen calls it the “most aggressive Passat yet.” The concept uses a production level 3.6L VR6 and a 6-speed DSG automated transmission with paddle shifters. The engine puts out 280 horsepower, just like in current production vehicles: i.e. the VW Touareg.

What makes the Passat GT unique is the specially tuned suspension, ride height that is lowered by 0.6 inches, and unique exterior accents. The concept sports a bold grilles with red accents, LED headlights, unique front facia, 19-inch Tornado wheels, unique graphics, a rear spoiler, and a dual exhaust system out back.


This concept was designed and created by the VW North America. Volkswagen says:

“The Passat GT is an early example of how the new Volkswagen North American Region will meet the needs and desires of American customers going forward,” said Dr. Matthias Erb, Chief Engineering Officer, North American Region, Volkswagen. “We have the freedom and the responsibility to shape future North American vehicles here in the U.S., combining engineering resources from around the world with our unique perspective and talented local team.”

Will Volkswagen put the Passat GT into production? The concept appears to be production ready, but the final decision will depend on your reactions and how this car will be priced. Volkswagen did not provide any guidance on potential pricing for such a car.

Here is a comparison review to see how far the VW Passat has come over the last 15 years.