How do Chevy’s performance parts affect a Camaro SS? [Video]

Is the Chevy Camaro SS a better race car when it has performance parts on it?

TFL’s Roman Mica had the chance to see for himself recently when he test drove a stock Camaro SS and a performance Camaro SS outside of Las Vegas.

Both Camaros came equipped with the same engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. But the difference was in the after market parts that the performance Camaro had installed.

Those parts included a souped up suspension package, roll bars, bigger brakes and a 20-mm lowered suspension.

The first drive Roman took around the track was in the performance Camaro. As he made the turns and other maneuvers, the instructor gave him feedback on how to get better.

The second drive was in the stock Camaro. For that, Roman again followed the instructions given to him.

Which Camaro was the best around the track? Were the performance parts worth adding to the Camaro? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.