How to Buy a New Tesla Model S and Get a Huge Bargain [Video]

So you want a new Tesla Model S, but the thought of spending well over 60 grand is scaring you away? Well, TFL’s Roman Mica and special guest Anton Wahlman tell you how you can go about getting one without breaking the bank.

The Model S may be the company’s flagship, but certain economic conditions have made getting one more affordable. For one thing, the supply has finally caught up to demand, so no more waiting lists for a new Tesla.

Another issue is the upcoming Model 3. Since the new model is designed to be less expensive, and therefore more attainable for the average car buyer, chances are that sales of the Model S will slow down. This might make ones that are already on the lot more affordable.

Tesla Model S

While Tesla doesn’t do rebates or discounts, they are more likely to drop the price by waiving portions of the payment like the destination charge, or even some additional options.

Then of course there are the government incentives, which are higher in certain states like TFL’s home state of Colorado.

This video might be a long one, but the information within is valuable for anyone looking to get an affordable Tesla without having to wait until the Model 3 goes to market. Check out the full video above.