2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport Let There be light: DiffLock Ep.16 [Video]

We have come to another installment in our affordable off-roading series, DiffLock. This time, Tommy Mica attempts to combat one of the Jeep Wrangler’s longest standing and most relevant off-roading issues, being its notoriously underwhelming headlights.

Lighting may seem like a somewhat trivial thing for off-roading, but when things get dark, having a good set of lights can mean the difference between making it through the trail, or getting stuck. Thanks to the fine folks at Rugged Ridge, Tommy received a set of 3.5-inch LED Lights that could be mounted right on his bumper to help illuminate any dangers that may be otherwise hidden in the dark.


The installation process was fairly simple, as his bumper already had mounting points pre-installed, so it was just a matter of lining up the LEDs and tightening down the bolts. The results were drastic, greatly improving the visibility as demonstrated by Tommy in the TFL Garage. Considering that the lights are less than $100 per unit, this seems like a no-brainer mod for someone looking to improve their off-road visibility. Just know that these lights are extremely bright and should not be used while on the street, for the safety of other drivers

To see the difference these lights actually made, and to see how simple the installation really was, be sure to check out the full video. Also be sure to stay tuned for more episodes of DiffLock to learn what affordable off-roading mods can help take your vehicle to the next level!