Watch this person fail miserably at parking a small car in a large space

After a lunch run near the TFL offices, several staff members were treated to this gem of a fail: two individuals who felt this was the best they could do before calling it quits.

bad parking fail

It takes so little to be a decent human being. Be polite, pay your bills, don’t kick puppies, and park your frickin’ car within the frickin’ lines! The last one is just too much for some people to handle, apparently. Neither the owner of the Hyundai Sonata nor the Jeep Grand Cherokee above could manage such a task. Instead, they got out of their car and presumably said to themselves “nailed it!”

I immediately went on YouTube and searched for parking lot fails and below is one of the first videos to pop up. Recently uploaded by Terravids, the video – possibly from Thailand based on the comments – shows a man or woman desperately trying to get a compact hatchback into a generously sized parallel parking spot.

After repeated attempts to pull forward into the spot – something a real Seinfeld fan knows is not acceptable – there was a vague attempt that was quickly aborted to properly back into the spot. In the end, the driver gave up and fled the scene in an ultimate fail.

Hey, at least the driver had sense enough to leave the scene rather than embarrass him or herself. Let’s also be thankful the person recording the debacle was generous to share it with the world so we can all see how not to park.