Meet the Reaper, one of the craziest custom motorcycles on the planet [Video]

For Steve Becker, building his custom motorcycle is more than just a hobby.

After losing his wife to cancer 25 years ago and finding himself having to raise two sons on his own, Becker decided that he would start building his bike as a way to heal and cope with the adversity instead of possibly giving in to alcohol or drugs.

The bike he created, which he calls the Reaper, is one of the craziest custom bikes on the planet, and represents not only his creativity but also his life.

The engine is a 115 V-twin, but that’s probably the only ordinary part of the bike. It has an auto clutch for easy starting. The seat is Becker’s first baseball glove. The foot pegs are piston rods from an old Ford, and the handlebars are a welded chain from a John Deere combine. It even has a flamethrower.

The gas tank is flanked with two cylinder heads connected to a real, if ornamental, distributor cap. License plates from Nebraska, North Carolina and Oklahoma make up a lot of the bodywork, and an old sign that says “Danger: Do Not Start This Machine” finishes off the huge rear fender.

The Reaper is a true original. Watch the full TFLcar video above to find out how Becker built the bike and find out more about the bits and pieces that make up this cool custom motorcycle.