2016 Ford Focus vs Nissan Sentra Mashup Video Review: Which Car is the Better Buy?

It’s not too often at TFLcar that we get two test vehicles at the same time that are direct competitors. When this happens, though, we pit them head-to-head, which is exactly what we did in this latest mashup video review.

In this video, the 2016 Ford Focus Titanium hatchback goes up against the 2016 Nissan Sentra SL sedan in a barrage of head-to-head tests to find out which one is the better buy.

The two compacts will be matched up for fuel economy, braking, utility, and even a drag race to find out which one is the best value.

Despite being competitors, the two cars couldn’t be more different. The Focus is a European-bred hatchback with a powerful 2.0-liter four cylinder that puts out 160 horsepower, and puts that power to the front wheels through a six-speed automatic. The Sentra has a definite Japanese style and has a less powerful 1.8-liter four cylinder that puts out 130 horsepower and puts its power to the front wheels through a continuously variable transmission.

The Focus is also a hatchback, while the Sentra is a sedan. While that might mean that the utility comparison would be a no-brainer for the Focus, the end result might be surprising.

So which one is the best value, and which ones do Nathan and Brian prefer? Check out the full video above to find out.