2016 Honda Pilot vs 2016 Toyota Highlander: Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review [Video]

2016 Toyota Highlander vs 2016 Honda Pilot

Facing off in this TFL Car video are two popular crossovers that typify what families seek in an SUV – three rows of seating, everyday reliability, safety and an image more macho than a minivan. The Honda Pilot is all-new for 2016 and comes fully armed with a fancy exterior makeover, high tech features, near luxury amenities, and easy-access to all three rows. The Toyota Highlander is the “go-to” 8-person, family-friendly crossover SUV that has the best combination of interior space, safety and reliability ratings in its class.

As the season transitions to cooler temps, all-weather capability of the family transporter comes to mind more often. Fortunately, both the all-new Honda Pilot and stalwart Toyota Highlander have all-wheel drive options. A favorite trail to test AWD capability is a section of the Switzerland Trail called Gold Mine Hill. This steep, rugged, and loose section challenges all-wheel drive systems to their limit and only the best are able to conquer it.

Watch this off-road comparison review to see if the new Honda Pilot’s AWD system is the real deal or some pansy traction-control system that pretends to be fully capable across all different types of terrain and conditions. And see how the third generation Toyota Highlander performs — which has been around since 2014 — when traction is a necessity.