Behold the Next Generation of the VW Tiguan: Euro Edition [Preview]

2016 vw tiguan r line frankfurt driving crossover turbo
2016 VW Tiguan R Line

Volkswagen is rejuvenating its crossover lineup in a big way and the next generation VW Tiguan is first in line. The images you see here are those of the European version of the new Tiguan, being shown at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company is showing an entire lineup of its small crossover, including the GTE Concept version as well.

This is a big step for the company as the Tiguan is first crossover to utilize the MQB modular platform. This means that Volkswagen can put forth other versions of the crossover (e.g. a three-row version) and improve time to market.

2016 VW Tiguan
2016 VW Tiguan

The new Tiguan increases interior volume for passengers and cargo. The trunk area increases to 18.5 cu-ft with the seats in place, and to 58.5 cu-ft with the rear seats folded. Rear passengers will be able to enjoy 1.1-inches more of knee room.

The European version will have a vast array of four turbocharged gasoline and four TDI turbo-diesel engines. There will not be this much choice for the American market, but the TDI option will be most welcome.

VW Tiguan GTE Concept
VW Tiguan GTE Concept

Volkswagen is also showing a Tiguan GTE Concept. Yes, it’s still in concept form, but it appears to be very production ready.

There are two distinct models: the standard car and the R Line version. The two have unique front facia and other details. All version of the 2016 VW Tiguan feature the new style that appears wider, lower, and more masculine.

The 2016 VW Tiguan goes on sale in Europe in April 2016.  There is no official word on when it will be released in the United States, but it may be up to a year after the European launch.

Check out the VW Cross Coupe GTE Concept video from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. This concept carries many of the styling cues you see in the production Tiguan.