Nissan Versa Stays On Top After an Abysmal Month for Subcompact Car Sales [Sales Report]

2015 Nissan Versa
2015 Nissan Versa

The Nissan Versa is still the top seller after a difficult July for subcompact car sales in which six models saw double-digit declines over July 2014.

The class-leading Versa kept its commanding sales lead despite a 36 percent drop from July of last year. Sales are down two percent from June and eight percent for the year.

The second and third place cars, both for the month and the year to date, also saw precipitous drops in sales. The Ford Fiesta is down 27 percent from July 2014, 31 percent from June and nearly four percent for the year. The Chevrolet Sonic is down 20 percent from July 2014, 35 percent from June and almost 26 percent down for the year.

Even the new Honda Fit, which has been riding sales increases since its introduction, saw a 15 percent drop from July 2014 and a 7 percent drop from June. Yearly sales, however, are still up 48 percent over 2014.

2015 Toyota Yaris
2015 Toyota Yaris

The only cars to see an increase over July 2014 are the Hyundai Accent and the Toyota Yaris. The Accent is also up nearly six percent for the year, even though sales are down 34 percent over June. The Yaris’ numbers are exceptionally high over July 2014, with a 105 percent increase despite sales being down 50 percent from June.

The Yaris and the Mitsubishi Mirage have the highest gains over 2014, both around 53 percent, beating out the Fit.

Subcompact car sales – July 2015

July 2015 # July ’15/June ’15 % July ’15/’14 % YTD 2015 # YTD ’15/’14 %
Nissan Versa 9,949 -2.3% -36.3% 76,904 -8.0%
Ford Fiesta 5,491 -31.1% -27.2% 40,980 -3.9%
Chevrolet Sonic 5,102 -35.4% -20.7% 42,078 -25.9%
Honda Fit 4,332 -7.2% -15.3% 39,966 48.4%
Hyundai Accent 4,276 -34.6% 13.9% 40,252 5.9%
Chevrolet Spark 3,287 -14.8% -11.5% 22,696 -12.8%
Kia Rio 2,227 -8.0% -41.3% 17,062 -28.2%
Mitsubishi Mirage 1,553 -7.0% -2.5% 15,054 52.7%
Toyota Yaris 1,403 -50.0% 105.0% 14,091 52.9%

NOTE: For this month, the city car class has been combined into the subcompact chart, the Smart ForTwo, Scion xD and Scion iQ were removed for low sales numbers, and the MINI Cooper and the Fiat 500 were removed as they’re niche cars like VW Beetle and are less likely to be cross-shopped with the cars on the list. The new Scion iA will join the list as soon as sales numbers are released.

Check out this TFLcar video of the 2014 Nissan Versa Note taking on the Ike Gauntlet: