Slippery Road? These WRC racers Fly Over It! [Motorsports]

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2015 Rally Sweden (by WRC)

A large portion of the United States is covered under a thick blanket of snow and ice. The slippery and treacherous roads require good winter tires and a cautious driving technique. Naturally, if you can avoid leaving your home during a major snow storm – the better.

However, the racers of the World Rally Championship (WRC) have to compete in the snow and on icy roads. The first two rallies of the 2015 season were no exception. The Rally Monte Carlo is always challenging as it combines running on different surfaces from dry pavement, to wet and icy stretches. The Rally Sweden is all about snow and ice. This is where the racers attempt to use giant snowbanks to point them in the right direction. Sometimes it works, and other times it takes you out.

2015 Rally Monte Carlo (by WRC)

What a feeling it must be to fly several feet above the ice and snow in the rally car? Thank goodness for snow tires with serious spikes and studs.

Check out this WRC review video of the 2015 Rally Sweden.

And watch the recap of the glamorous 2015 WRC season opener – Rally Monte Carlo.

TFLcar and TFLtruck also like to play in the snow as yo can see here.