Which Is the Best Selling Compact Crossover in 2014? [Sales Results]

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2015 Honda CR-V

There is no denying that the crossover segment is red hot. Most of the entries in this list had double-digit growth year-over-year. Honda CR-V is once again the top selling small crossover. It has a comfortable lead over the Ford Escape in second, which itself has an even bigger gap to the Toyota RAV4 in third. Chevy Equinox and Nissan Rogue round out the top five. It’s refreshing to have two American brands in the top five.

Jeep Cherokee came out of nowhere to snag the sixth sales spot for the year. It has a chance to break into the top five this calendar year. Subaru Forester also had an outstanding year, but the best improved small crossover was the Subaru XV Crosstrek. Mazda CX-5 nearly cracked 100,000 units for the year with another great result.

We will have to divide this table further this year as new sub-compact crossovers enter the market: Chevy Trax, Honda HR-V, Jeep Renegade, and Mazda CX-3.

Compact Crossover – 2014

YTD 2014 # YTD ’14 / ’13 %
Honda CR-V 335,019 10.2%
Ford Escape 306,212 3.5%
Toyota RAV4 267,698 22.7%
Chevrolet Equinox 242,242 1.7%
Nissan Rogue 199,199 22.4%
Jeep Cherokee 178,508 NEW
Subaru Forester 159,953 29.4%
GMC Terrain 105,016 5.5%
Mazda CX-5 99,122 24.6%
Jeep Patriot 93,462 23.0%
Subaru XV 70,956 32.0%
Jeep Compass 61,264 16.0%
Hyundai Tucson 47,306 12.9%
Kia Sportage 42,945 30.3%
VW Tiguan 25,121 -16.3%

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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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