Jeff Grace Encounters Honda from Heaven

honda from heaven

What’s the last thing you want to encounter when you are riding quickly down the mountain at Pikes Peak? If you guessed a random, falling Honda motorcycle, then you’d be correct. During practice, Jeff Grace encountered just that with an unpleasant outcome.

As you can see by the video, Jeff Grace was participating in today’s practice session when an unoccupied Honda comes tumbling over the switchback above him and landing in his path. Though he attempts to brake to avoid the bike, he unfortunately strikes the Honda and crashes. Uninjured, you can see his frustration from not being able to stop on time.

On the bright side, the bike wasn’t occupied when it went over the side. In terms of human injuries, it could’ve been a lot worse. Pikes Peak can be a dangerous place, which adds to the excitement.

Expect even more excitement this week as Paul Dallenbach attempts to set his third world record in two years and Sebastien Loeb defending his record time from last year. Hopefully this is the last incident of a Honda, or anything, from Heaven. Check out our video from last year for even more things to expect for the remainder of the week.


Chad Kirchner

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