Communist era Skoda 120 for sale in the USA can be yours!

This Skoda 120 is a unique fixture in this decadent country. It’s not very often a little known, Czech produced, rally winning, communist car comes up for sale in the good Ole USA, let alone Colorado. However, this peach of a Skoda 120 seems to have broken through the Iron Curtain unscathed, and ready for a new owner.

Fitted with a 1.174 liter water cooled four banger, one might take one look at this sedan and assume nothing of its unique layout. Ahhh, but that’s where the commie charm shines as this successful rally racer stores its massive 50 horsepower in the trunk. Compared to its other dismal Iron Curtain brothers, this Skoda 120 was sold outside to Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Due to its cheapness, interior space and durability, the 120 range did relatively well, selling over 1.9 million units.

This particular example is one of very few imported, and, for a Commie car from the mid 1980s, it is in great condition.

The feature list is rather sparse: A tachometer and radio grace the black plastic dash, but compared to the Eastern German Trabant, one might assume they were cruising in a decadent, capitalist Rolls Royce. Although the body does have a minimal amount of surface rust, the interior looks brand new. The owner (who, I might add, is an eastern car specialist), claims the engine will fire with a fresh battery.

This awesome little runabout, with multiple replacement panels is up for sale for a mere $1800. If you want a slice of Eastern Europe history, give Charley a Call at Charley’s Garage: 303-443-7714

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By: T. Mica