Volvo Is Testing Autonomous Cars On Public Roads

Volvo Autonomous Drive

Volvo is currently testing autonomous cars on the streets of Sweden through its Drive Me program. These cars are currently driving themselves around Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Drive Me project involves legislators, transport authorities, a major city, a vehicle manufacturer and real customers in a unique partnership to test the capabilities of self-driving cars. The program includes 100 cars which will be driven in everyday driving conditions over roughly 50 kilometers of selected roads in the Gothenburg area. Roads include all the things drivers would typically encounter, like crowded highways and merging traffic on ramps.

The test cars are able to successful perform many of the tasks of a traditional driver like lane following, speed adaption and merging traffic all by themselves. Volvo’s goal is to have the autonomous cars do the whole route on their own, laying the groundwork for what they’re calling Autopilot. Autonomous cars aren’t just a future concept, they’re here today.

Check out this video of the 204 Mercedes-Benz E-Class driving itself…

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