Team #183 Indiana Joans scores in 2014 Gazelle Rally [motorsports]

2014 gazelle rally morocco emme hall sabrina howells  nicole dreon


The 2014 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles of Morocco has come to an end.  It was the 24th running of the annual rally and four United States teams competed this year.  This race is an all female navigational rally, where the goal is to drive in as straight a line as possible with points awarded for shortest distance between checkpoints instead of fastest time. GPS and cell phones are not allowed and there are no chase crews to help if things go wrong.


The provisional results are in and who was the number one USA team?  It was team #183 “Indiana Joans” of Emme Hall and Sabrina Howells.  The ladies took a yet unofficial 29th place out of 160 total entries in the 4×4 class.  Congratulations!  It is a grand achievement and the entire TFLcar and TFLtruck team is very happy for Emme and her navigator, Sabrina.


This was their second Gazelle rally and they made big strides for such a great result.  Can you image what they can do next year?  The other three American teams were #107, #171, and #182.  Congratulations to all of them and ww cannot wait for Emme to tell us all about the race.

Here is Emme Hall doing the opposite of racing and navigating impassable sands of Morocco – demonstrating self-parking feature on the 2014 Jeep Cherokee.