Photo of the Day: Take all your friends Off-Roading

land cruiser off-road limo stretch

Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the iconic off-road vehicles.  It has transformed into a large and luxurious SUV over the years, but the off-road spirit remains.  The Lexus LX takes the Land Cruiser platform another few steps up the luxury ladder.

What vehicle would you need to take all your friends off-roading?  How about this lifted and stretched limousine version of the Lexus LX 450?  The LX 450 was around for two years (1996 – 1997).  Sleeoffroad from Golden Colorado have this creation – a lifted Lexus LX limo – complete with modified suspension, off-road bumpers, a snorkel, and a luggage rack for gear, tents, and an awning.

Watch 2014 Lexus LX 570 take on a Colorado Rocky Mountain blizzard: