News: Ford expects to be #1 Brand in United States in 2013


Ford is confident that it will be the #1 brand by sales in the United States in 2013 for fourth consecutive year.  It has a sizable lead of nearly 400,000 units over second place Toyota, and it expects to maintain the lead when December and annual sales numbers are tallied in the next few days.

In total, Ford expects to sell over 2.4 million vehicles in United States this year.  It saw growth in nearly every segment with overall retail numbers 15% up year-over-year.  The increases were helped by strong growth in the western and southeastern regions.

Ford Fusion and Fiesta led the car sales.  Ford Escape and Explorer were leaders for the crossovers and sport utilities.  Ford C-MAX helped the company to more than double its electrified vehicle sales.  And the F-series pickup was once again the best selling truck in the country – for 37 years and counting.

Take a look at this fun and informative TFLcar video matchup including the 2013 Ford Fusion: