News: Zero Motorcycles – Electric Bikes Invade 2013 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

zero motorcycles 2013 fx pikes peak race
2013 Zero Motorcycles FX

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb announced a new Electric Motorcycle class for the 2013 edition of the race.  The new class is called “Exhibition Powersports- Z” division.  Zero Motorcycles, Hollywood Electrics, and privateers jumped at the opportunity by entering six electric bikes from Zero.

Zero Motorcycles partnered with its number one dealership, Hollywood Electrics, to make this possible.  The class will consist of: three Zero S, two Zero FX, and one Zero MX models.  Some of these bikes will have special racing modifications, others will be stock.  Riders include: Aaron Frank, Jeremiah Johnson, Brandon Nozaki Miller, Jeff Clark, Nathan Barker, and Kenyon Kluge.  All riders are from California and are Pikes Peak rookies.

This Electric Motorcycle division joins existing Electric Car class, which also consists of six entries this year and includes big names and seasoned Pikes Peak veterans like Monster Tajima and Rod Millen.  More entries could join as we get closer to the race.

zero motorcycles 2013 electric hollywood
2013 Zero Motorcycles DS

TFLcar will bring full coverage of the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, which takes place June 30th (barring any schedule changes due to weather or wild fires).

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