Porsche Panamera GTS Raw & Unedited Mile High Engine Note & Acceleration test

Porsche Panamera GTS Raw & Unedited Acceleration test
Porsche Panamera GTS Raw & Unedited Acceleration test

If you love Porsche, we know you love this Porsche Panamera GTS Raw & Unedited Acceleration test.

This is the raw video from our Real World Mile High Testing of the Porsche Panamera GTS. No music & very little commentary.

Just the raw and unedited video from the TFLcar drive and test.

If you are passionate about cars and if you love to watch and listen to some of the best and most fun cars in the world, we think you’ll enjoy this video.

On camera we try to capture the spirit and the joy of driving on some of the most most beautiful roads in the world.

Please let us know if you agree in the comments below.

BTW: You can click HERE to watch the entire review of this 2013 Porsche Panamera GTS.

Editor’s note: According to Porsche: “The Panamera GTS is powered by a lightweight 4.8-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine. It features cast aluminum pistons, monobloc aluminum cylinder heads and integrated dry-sump lubrication for a reliable supply of oil even when an extremely sporty driving style is adopted. Although it is based on the engine of the Panamera 4S, it develops 30 hp more power and generates 14.75 lb.-ft. more torque. It also has a faster-revving engine with a maximum engine speed that has been increased by 400 rpm to 7,100 rpm. The result is a maximum power output of 430 hp and a maximum torque of 383 lb.-ft..”

Seriously, it’s one of the best normally aspirated V8s we’ve sampled.