Honda shows personality with the 2013 Honda N-One

The 2013 Honda N-One is cute as hell!

The 2013 Honda N-One is proof that Honda can still build youth-oriented, fun, soulful cars. This baby packs a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive as an option. The 2013 Honda N-One comes with a .66-liter (660 cc) three-cylinder that’s power is either normally aspirated or turbocharged. Power should be about 58 horsepower for the normally aspirated engine and 64 hp for the turbo.

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is the only transmission slated to be used in the 2013 Honda N-One which is kind of a bummer. A bigger bummer is that Honda has no plans to distribute the 2013 Honda N-One overseas. Japan has lots of smart little cars that they prefer to keep to themselves.

The 2013 Honda N-One is 133.3 inches long and should weigh well under a ton. In Japan, the 2013 Honda N-One is what is known as a Kei car. Kei cars are very lightweight vehicles that are smaller than the current FIAT 500 in nearly every dimension. Many Kei cars began with scooter and motorcycle engines – which (size-wise) remain today. They are Japanese-centric as the tiny dimensions are unnecessary in most other markets. Or, at least, that’s why Japan rarely exports any of their locally grown Kei cars.

It’s a shame really.

The 2013 Honda N-One would prove popular in places like London, Moscow and NYC, places where parking and storage of vehicles is difficult. It would be a huge hit for folks looking at the Chevy Spark or base level MINI too. Let’s not forget that the 2013 Honda N-One is retro-adorable and rather utilitarian.

Honda needed to free-up space in the 2013 Honda N-One, so they took a page from the utilitarian Honda Fit and placed the gas tank under the driver to totally free up space in and around the rear passenger’s seat. There is real room for four in a car that could easily fit in the bed of most full-sized pickup trucks.

Sure,  58 hp and 64 hp for the turbo are paltry numbers – but the lack of weight should make these cars as fun to drive as the Honda N-Box in which its based on. Tiny cars can be a serious hoot to throw around corners. I’ve heard that Honda’s Kei cars are irreducibly great little machines that are seriously fun.

Prices for the 2013 Honda N-One should run just over $14,000 U.S.

Here’s a fun video of me playing with a competitor of the 2013 Honda N-One – the 2013 Chevrolet Spark!

p.s. No idea what the 2013 Honda N-One EPA ratings would be, but I would assume it would get better than 35 mpg combined – easily.

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