Alfa Romeo will build stunning and 4C according to published reports


The the Alfa Romeo 4C was certainly one of the sexiest cars we spotted at this year’s Geneva Auto Show (see video below)

Not only does this newest Alfa Romeo ooze sex appeal, but it also looks like it could be a real head turner on the road with the performance to match the fiery looks.

The good news?

According to published reports Fiat (Alfa Romeo’s parent company) has crunched the numbers and the has green lite the car for production.

The better news?

Alpha plans to sell the 4C for about $70,000…of course that would only be in Europe. But we can only hope that it might eventually find its way to the U.S. just as we hope that the production version will be as stunning as the Geneva Auto Show concept car. Check out the 4C, along with the other sexy new Geneva Auto Show super cars debuts below.

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