Ford offers early sneak peek at 2012 Focus ST Monster before LA Auto Show


No one, not the powerful Volkswagen GTI, the meaty John Works Mini Cooper or the swift Honda Civic SI can match the savage Mazdaspeed3. It cranks out 263 horsepower and 280 lbs-feet of torque – through the front wheels. It is the mightiest of all performance front-wheel drive cars.
Ford is on a performance freak-out and is ready to take the fight to Mazda. Witness the introduction of the 2012 Ford Focus ST. This is a full blown performance version of the already excellent Ford Focus. Judging by Fords FWD performance past, they are ready to take on Mazda.


Ford is hush-hush about the actual output of the EcoBoost (turbocharged) 2.0 liter, direct injected powerplant. They say it will be over 250 hp, 250 lb-ft of torque. I would hazard a guess that the overall power numbers are damn close to Mazda’s AND Ford’s torque vectoring technology will fight the torque steering demons of overpowered front-drivers.
Here’s Ford’s take on torque vectoring:
Through the corners, ETVC is an essential aid for Focus ST drivers, a tuned version of the Torque Vectoring Control found on the base-model Focus. The standard system uses torque vectoring by braking, in which brake torque is applied to the inner wheel of the Focus through a corner, reducing understeer and allowing for more traction, much like a traditional limited-slip differential.
The Focus ST’s ETVC applies steering pressure more aggressively and also adds cornering control, which applies torque to create a yaw effect based on the car’s understeer, both in power-on and power-off conditions. Combined, they ensure ETVC is a crucial element in helping make the front-wheel-drive Focus ST a true driver’s machine, able to tackle any corner with confidence.” – – Ford Press Release

Ford was drinking some funky jungle-juice when it came to interior design. The regular Focus has one of the best interiors in its segment. The prototype of the Focus ST has a Disney-on-acid interior trim that match the exterior. There is a hint of Pep-Boys accessorizing to boot. The whole interior is too wanna-be racer and takes away from the sophistication of the normal interior.
It’s like Ford is trying to get its freak-on with Scion. 
As for the exterior, it ticks all the funky boxes that hot-hatch lovers dig, and it makes the handsome Focus look aggressive. The side sills and big rear spoiler are rally-like cool and lower the average age of the driver to the low 20s – regardless of the driver’s actual age. Great… bankers will be rockin’ the ST with lots of big daddy Beiber.

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