Video: Bike vs Porsche duathlon gets the silly surfer vid treatment


You have to hand it to the editors at Bike Magazine and folks at Porsche for coming up with this very original concept for a race.

The ingredients include:

– Willow Springs race track in California

– a couple of the world’s best professional cyclists.

– a Porsche ringer race car driver 

– Some cool bikes and one silly one

– A couple of brand new and very fast Porsches

The idea behind the race is simple. The four guys competing first pedal around the track on their bikes after which they hop in a Porsche for a hot lap to see who’s the fastest in the combined duathlon. Best of all the Porsche race car driver…Flying Lizard wheelman Patrick Long…has to do his hot lap in a Panamera sedan with other guys on board.

If you’re a fan of cycling you’ll easily recognize at least one of the pro cyclist in the video below.

Too bad the editors of the video decided to give it the California surfer treatment as the race could have been thrilling to watch instead of the current version of the video which looks like just a bunch of guys screwing around on a race track with silly bikes and expensive cars.

But you be the judge. Check out the video below.

Bike Magazine / Porsche Willow Springs Duathlon from Bike magazine on Vimeo.

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