Video: 2012 Volkswagen Golf R versus Golf GTI Drag Race


The 2012 Golf R is the most powerful Golf ever built with a 256 horsepower turbo-charged engine and all-wheel-drive it should cream the 2012 front wheel drive Golf GTI (which puts out only 200 horsepower) in a straight-line drag race.

At Volkswagen’s recent press drive event featuring the brand’s 2012 complete model line-up we had a chance to drive both the 2012 Golf R and the 2012 Glf GTI.

The Golf R comes to America at the start of 2012 with only a 6-speed manual transmission with either 3 for 5 doors. While the Golf GTI remains largely unchanged from 2011 and can be had with both a manual and Volkswagen’s DSG Dual-clutch transmission.

So what do you think happens when we pit the two Golf’s against each other in this impromptu drag race?

Watch the video below to find out. The results were certainly a surprise.

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