Exposed: the best and smallest cars of the Chicago Auto Show on The Fast Lane Car


The Chicago Auto Show may be over but that doesn’t mean you have to miss the best and most interesting cars from around the world.

Nathan, Sara and Roman had a chance to check out the world’s best, most interesting, and even smallest cars at the World’s biggest Auto Show.

In this second episode of “The Fast Lane Car” the three automotive journalist bring you a different take on the classic Chicago car show.

Does Nathan fit…into the trunk one of the world’s smallest cars?

Will the new Fiat 500, the most powerful Camaro ever built (the 2012 ZL1) and the newest and baddest Charger (The 2012 SRT8) make you lust for new wheels?

Get an inside and up close look at the cars you’ll be buying tomorrow from the boys and gal of The Fast Lane Car today below:

BTW: You can also watch the Pilot and Episode 1 of the new show HERE.

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