Video: New all electric Tesla Model S hits the wide open road

Tesla Model S_lead

So far over the last few years Tesla has sold about 1500 EV Roadsters around the world.

That, of course, is a drop in the bucket when compared to how many cars Toyota sells a week around the world.

For instance Toyota has already sold millions of hybrid cars while Tesla continues to develop a mass market EV.

Tesla hopes the Model S will be the car that brings stylish and practical electric cars to your garage.

But the development of the 5-seater Model S has been on a long and twisty road. That is until this week when Tesla rolled out the car (the alpha car) and shot this video of the alpha version of the Model S on the public roads.

“The first Alpha is amazingly agile for a car of its size. It has great handling balance and poised ride with communicative steering. Just goes to show what combining a low center of gravity with a very stiff body structure can achieve”, said test drive Graham Sutherland.

Tesla says it will be road testing the alpha Model S in the next few months to improve the car’s handling dynamics. 

We had a chance to check out the Model S at the Detroit Auto Show. Check out our exclusive first look preview HERE.

When in production, customers will be able to specify the Model S with three different battery packs that provide a 160, 230 or 300 mile range.

The Model S will be priced at about $49,000.00 including the $7500 Federal tax credit, and will go from 0-60 in about 5.6 seconds according to Tesla. Production of the Model S is expected to begin in 2012.

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